Suggestions to deal with Public Event Photography Harassment?


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Feb 16, 2012
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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to find some opinions on how to deal with a situation i find myself in where another professional photographer is harassing me at sporting events by taking multiple pictures of me throughout the event. I confronted this person and told them it made me feel very uncomfortable and he laughed at me and said its a public event and he can take pictures of whoever he wants.

Is there any way i can stop him from continuing with this invasion of my comfort zone and privacy? He continues to take multiple pictures of me as i photograph the events i am at and it is very uncomfortable considering i have NO idea what he plans to use the images for.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!
Interesting that the last post like this was last night.. and we haven't heard from that OP again..... and now we have another similar thread!

Another professional Photographer? Intimating that you are also a Professional Photographer?
yeah they may be intimidating each other... heh

OP, don't do what some might do.... be act "professional"

I hope this isn't an ongoing trend... all the crybabies crawling out of the woodwork.
If you do not wish to have photo's taken of you, your best solution is to not venture out into public. If you are still having photos taken of you when you are not out in public, you can involve the police and get a restraining order.

As far as the photo's of you in public...well, one of the primary definitions of 'public' is "open to all persons". You can't walk into a convenience store or restaurant without being recorded. There isn't much difference from somebody taking pictures of you. As a matter of fact, there is none. As the United States sees it, if you are out in public, you have no expectation of privacy, and as such, can be photographed by just about anybody.
:pulling up a seat with case of Sam Adams: so it begins. Not understanding the a simple equation. If you're in a public place expect to have very little privacy. Big brother is everywhere. I'm sure someone has a picture of my big ass as a wallpaper ...Meh!
Let's make it simple:

Public ≠ Private
Take pictures of him taking pictures of you.
480sparky said:
Let's make it simple:

Public ≠ Private

Thank you because I'm bout get wasted lol.
Thank you because I'm bout get wasted lol.

Be sure to complain on a public internet forum about being harassed when you get wasted.
I find it ironic that the photographer isn't comfortable with others taking pictures of him/her. But regardless, there isn't much you can do because of it being a public event. Brush it off and act professional. Don't let it show that it bothers you, because that will most likely make matters worse.
I suspect TROLL here.. probably the same clown that was complaining about friends in a basement.... :) But I could be wrong! lol!
Call his wife and let her know. Figure out who his known associates are. Call them. Look up his relatives, church members, etc.,etc. Let them know the guy is acting like a pervert. Because...he is...
I say hand your camera to someone you trust to hold and beat his azz or kindly walk up to him and say, "Oh, nice camera you have, may I see that?" Then run to the restroom and dunk it in the toilet! heehee, J/K :lmao:
I would get right up in front of him, as close as you can, and start annoyingly snapping a TON of portraits of him, or roughly in his direction. Just enough to make him feel awkward. Occasionally look at your camera, and act frustrated with your results. When he asks what your doing, just say:

"Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to take a photo. Only problem though, no matter how I compose or play with the lighting, I just can't seem to make this asshole disappear..."

Then again, pulling a Ryan Stiles is one of my personal favorites...

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