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Dec 29, 2005
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so i have been home for spring break almost a week, and i have been very unsuccessful at finding a job for the summer. i wanted to find one this week for the summer when i get back from school. but i was talking to a buddy that has a connection with a man at a repossesion company, and they have spots open for the people that go up and take the cars for them. it pays very well, but i dont know enough about the job to know if it is worth the risk. does anyone have any experience with this job? i think im going to do it, but i dont want to do it without researching it out.
I've seen that job on TV. You get shot at, while 'stealing' cars. Sounds fun and dangerous.
hoosier40000 said:
yeah, it should be a blast..i just dont want to get myself in too deep.

There's a reason they use new entrants to do the high risk work. Not many things in this world are worth getting killed for and repossessing poor people's personal property isn't, in my book, one of them. I'd feel really bad about that job.


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