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Dec 14, 2003
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F@cking Hell
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.....ya better take care
If I find you been creepin’ ’round my back stairs


snapped this one the other day on my way by this ol barn.
awsome shot, great line on the sun
nice one chiller, caught that sun well, i love those haggard old barns you get out your way, great stuff :thumbup:
Very nice, love the way the rays are peeking out on the edge.:thumbsup:
ok, the picture is just awesome... you catch the best things...your really great at this type of shot...( get back in the cave, chiller, the sun will hurt you....remember??)

but the song... i know that song....tell me chiller..

who is it, whats the i am singing it in my far as i can get in the song that is.....
that's a great photo Chiller! I love the way you captured the sun! I love thos "straight into the sun" pics!
good 'ole Gordon! :thumbup:

love this one Carl. it's amazing how you just crank these materpieces out one by da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like this shot a LOT, Carl. And I like how you worked in the Lightfoot lyric too. Well done.
Great shot Chiller... there are hundreds of old barns around me but never a decent sky - just flat earth and grey sky and grey barns... I really dig the sunlight in this !!!
Thanks soo much for all your awesome comments.

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