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Jun 21, 2005
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olympus, digital, indoor, window lighting overcast day

*sigh* Ok, this would would have been good but for someone reason the tones are uneven and it's pixelly and I don't know why. This is OTE, can someone help me fix it?

It looks like you've got a fair bit of noise in that photo - that's the funny coloured pixels like the blues and purples on the skin. That's due to a high ISO (or ASA) that your camera might have picked automatically to allow for a fast shutter speed.

To get rid of the noise... use a small ISO... like 100. If your camera lets you manually choose it. However, this means that you are going to have a longer shutter speed - which could result in some blurry photos if you don't use a tripod.
also... the highlights are blown out and for this picture that doesnt work. The whitebalance also appears to be off and i think his head is tilted too far down. his hand is also really big in comparison to his head. it may help too zoom in and stand further back.
Yeah, size distortion comes the wide-angle lens. Not sure what camera you are using, but for 35mm film cameras, it's usually best to use at least 50mm for people, and 85mm for head and shoulder/upper torso shots like this.

It looks like some of the harsh pixels could be coming from oversharpening. If you are using a digital camera, try turning off any sharpening in-camera and only apply it at the very end of all editing.
Check also how you are saveing your files. Make sure that you set the compression to as little as possible, or make sure that your file isn't saved to anything under 75 dpi. What kind of camera anyway?
I agree with Onyx, that the white balance seems to be a weird color cast. And the bright spots are blown cameras don't do very well with blown highlights.
it is best if the model should wear the sun glass in his head and at side view..and you must focus the subjetc..

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