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Andrew Brooks

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Mar 29, 2006
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Hi there, I'm a uk photographer, been doing some landscape shots recently which pull many shots together, different exposures and angles, then work them together in photoshop to create landscape shots where I can control lots about the image, here's a couple



got lots more work along these lines check my website at

any feedback welcome

andrew brooks
good shots, welcome to tpf.... the first one works very well for me. question: by saying using different exposures do you mean your using the merge to HDR in ps?... or do you use your own technique?.... just curious.
It's all done in ps by eye, tryed automated stuff and it is alright, but I like to get a bit more creative with how I rebuild the landscapes...

There both from a larger project of joining landscapes
Archy, you speak in tongues for me... "HDR in ps"? PS is Photoshop all right, but the rest?

Anyhow, Andrew!
Welcome to ThePhotoForum!
You are coming and introducing yourself with a great set of quite exceptional photos, and while nighttime shots are sunset photos are not quite that exceptional, you way of dealing with your photos is. It is so cool how you "reshape" your landscapes and panoramas! I like it a lot!
I don't know how you do it...but these are AWESOME.

I really like these.
I can't wait to see more.
Off to check out your site now.

Thanks for sharing these!
very interesting... :thumbup:

welcome to tpf... can't wait to see more...
LaFoto said:
Archy, you speak in tongues for me... "HDR in ps"? PS is Photoshop all right, but the rest?

Corinna, HDR means high dynamic range... which means you can merge different exposures of the same shot to bring out all the depth and detail you want. This enables you to create 32 bit images, which are full of tonal range and depth. I see what andrew means tho, his method obviously gives more personal control... im still quite impressed :mrgreen:
Very creative concept... I agree, it does work well in the first one. Nice! :thumbup:

Oh and welcome to TPF
Really, REALLY cool stuff on your website. You have quite a talent. I have always thought that I didn't like over-edited images, but you have developed a visually stunning style. I am literally jaw dropping impressed with these images. I can only assume that you have been doing this for quite some time and each image requires alot of work. Bravo! I like your vision.

Welcome to TPF and please post some more..............
really cool shots, I'm gonna go check out your website now, welcome to TPF!
Cheers for all the feedback. the cityscape and the sunset shot took me about a week each in the evenings to put together, first i comp it all together to get a rought correct'ish version of the landscape, then I start working into it, warping and twisting it and adding different exposures, and because I have so many images to work with and so much detail and range, I can get away with quite a lot of editing.

Here's some more bits and bobs...




very interesting stuff, love the guy falling over, the footbridge and the Frisbee ones, very cool :thumbup:

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