Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Get'cha popcorn ready!


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Feb 7, 2013
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Atlanta, GA, USA
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I just came across this article in Popular Science about the upcoming Super Moon lunar eclipse this Sunday, Sept 27. First Super Moon eclipse in 32 years, plus a blood moon!

The article mentions times visible for your location.

It would be fun to see photo results from this event.
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Here is mine! Its not perfect..I just don't have the best setup. I really need a 600mm+ tele. 300mm on full frame is just not enough. I had my D610 set to crop mode too. I had the focus perfectly set but when I adjusted the camera must have bumped the focus ring and once the moon goes dark, its almost impossible to get a sharp focus. Oh well. I'm happy with it and it was something new to shoot and I think my first time shooting a full lunar eclipse.

D610 + 70-300 VR. I'm not telling my settings because they are embarrassing. LOL. I broke all the rules and I don't care.

I got some decent shots with the 7dmkii and the Tammy 150-600.
red eclipse.jpg

Errrmaghhherd!!! The red eclipse was red as hell!!! I was astonished at the degree of redness. This is for my Spanish-speaking friends: "I am seeing the red eclipse."
I forgot about last night, but i got a photo tonight, more orange than red now though, I used my old Fuji F600EXR compact camera on a tripod.



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