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Jan 30, 2004
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Santa Barbara, CA
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Hey gang,

I'm going in for surgery this morning, to replace my pacemaker. I got this existing pacemaker in December of 1997 when I had my heart transplant, and now it's time to replace it. It's old, and the battery has only a month or so left on it.

It should be a routine surgery. They just take the old one out, and (assuming the leads are good) pop the new one in.

You might not see me for a few days, not that I'm super super active, but I will be resting up. We'll see. If I feel good enough, I may spend my time at the computer, in which case you'll get sick of me by Sunday :p
I'm sure everything will go well, and i'm also sure everyone on this forum will be supporting you. we're all routing for you buddy :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Matt! I'm sure everything will go fine! take care!
Take care, Matt!
GOod luck and take care :)
The company that makes the batteries for those is about 8 miles from my house. Outstanding opperation they have going and the best quality control! You'll be fine! See you soon!
You don't sound too worried about it. Seems like you feel pretty comfortable with the procedure, so we'll be waiting to hear from you or Marge ;)
Hope everything goes well. See you on the flipside.
Ask them to put a 'quick change' battery pack in you... I have one on my guitar and it works great! ;)


I'll be praying for everything to go smooth! :thumbup:
Thinking of you and sending lots of get well soon wishes!

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