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Jul 28, 2004
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one from a series i did last year. i posted a smaller crop of this then, but after a revisit it, i believe the original conveys their plight much better.


I agree with JohnK and Woodsac that is is a bit dark, but i like it.
I think it leaves something to the imagination.
You can decide what exactly is going on. :thumbup:
I like it, but i like trying to work stuff out in an image. yea, could maybe do with a bit more detail showing through, but i like the composition with the guy sat at the end :thumbup:
hey, do you guys think this is too dark by any chance? :lmao:

actually, it looks good on my monitor here at home, but i also know what's going on in this shot. i assumed too much in this one.

the homeless use the heat from these exhaust systems for cooking and staying warm in DC. :thumbup:

honestly, i consider this one of my best pieces. however, history has confirmed what i believe is good...most don't. ;)

here are a couple from my original post:


yea i think they work great together, but that last one is awsome, the way he's hunched over you can tell how he's feeling, and the smoke looks brilliant. The first one does look better on my mac monitor than on my work pc :thumbup:
Very moving shots there, JM. The plight of the homeless in cities with cold climates is a terrible thing. (Bad in places with warm climates, too, but at least they don't freeze to death)
I actually like the first one, it makes me wonder what going on at the bottom. Has a miserable sense to it. The other 2 are nice also, the smokey atmosphere really pops in these photos, nice set JM!
it is on the darker side ... but i love it as is.. nice and moody.. wonderful shot!
#3 has been one of my faves from your work :)
thank you for sharing :)

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