Sweet and Salty - The London TPF meetup


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Feb 10, 2006
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Just got home from our little meetup with Becky, Ferny, Lil Loui and Tempra

anyways editing pics now so I should get a few up in a minute or two
That was a smaller meet-up than I thought it would be ... but yay. You are back ... and it was "sweet and salty"?

Photos! :boogie:
Photos! :boogie:
Photos! :boogie:
Photos! :boogie:
want to see them .. so I can be jealous!

anyway, I had some pints and thought of you :)
Back in one piece also, you're a lovely bunch :hug::
Thoughs on you are a waste then, Alex? Awwwwwww! Not really, eh?
I did think of you there in London (in the rain?), and then sang the wrong text :oops: :biggrin:
at least I am a bit wasted at the moment .. so I should concentrate when typing ;)
I do!

I do! *stomps foot* and I do and I do! *more stomping*
Pot-bellied pig wants to know it as well!

ferny's trip to London;

  • Get to Kings Cross. Ticket says to take 30 min underground trip. I take a 2 minute trip on the (wrong) train but find where I want to be is a 5 minute walk away.

  • Bursting for a wee so find toilets. Have to pay 20p. Grrr.

  • Go to Burger King and ask for a cheeseburger. The guy tries to sell me a breakfast thingy. I give in and say I'll have a bacon butty. He serves me up an egg and bacon butty.

  • No milkshakes at Burger King. Grrr.

  • lostprophet says he'll be 50 mins late.

  • I go for a long walk around London, arrive back at station to find a txt from Becky. Becky finds a drowned ferny.

  • Lil Loui arrive, Tempra decides to show.

  • We go a wandering (after Louis, Tempra and I getting lost at the station 2 seconds after we start off) to the British Museum. Then walk past it and get something to eat and drink.

  • All waddle into the Museum, see a dead cat and then vanish in our own directions. Becky later tells me I whiff a bit.

  • Andy and I look at some dead grannies in coffins, find Becky and then go Tempra hunting. Find him playing in the Kings Library with Louis ( ;) ;) )

    Then it gets hazzy for me. Did sweet and salty happen before or after the first pub? Anyway...

  • We go walking through London along the Thames, I run off to find a toilet a mile away and pop up somewhere other to where I popped down. I think. Had to pay 50p. More grrr.

  • Cross river, walk, realise I've been taking pictures on the same bit of film for ages as my camera is fudged, cross river, pub.

  • Tempra reveals his obsession with pillows.

  • Home
OK so it was an easy plan, get up and go to London.

06.45 Alarm goes off
get up and get ready
07.54 get bus
08.15 arrive at station
08.16 buy ticket
08.21 get on the 08.27 train to London
08.45 get off train as it hasn't moved an inch
08.55 get on the 08.55 train
09.39 get off train as it hasn't moved an inch and is now cancelled
09.44 get on another train and it heads off
10.29 half way to London, gets txt from Tony he has just left Oxford on a train
10.54 arrive at London Paddington about 2 hours late
10.59 get tube to Euston
11.08 arrive Euston somewhat stresed, thankfully I find Becky and Ferny!

ok so it didn't rain but was cold and dark so the photos are well rubbish but here they are

1 The British Museum

2 Ferny with a digital camera ok it was a camera phone

3 Li Loui and Ferny

4 Becky, guess I should of taken a tripod

5 London Eye

6 Tempra

7 Charing Cross

8 London Eye

As I said they are crap so I guess I'd better go again next Sunday and take some better ones ;-)
looks like fun! I do not really know Li Loui though.

Well, will let you know when I travel via London next time, so there will be either another meeting or I just visit you one by one and plunder your fridges ;)

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