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Jul 27, 2004
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Brooklin, Ontario, Canuckia
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I had such a great day shooting I thought I would treat everyone to some extra large images, at least for me. I spent this morning with a buddy from work and Raymond shooting the Herons and then my buddy and I went to the zoo for the afternoon. Took over 600 images and here are just a few fast edits before dinner.






Can't wait to edit the rest. Woohoo!

looks good so far, only 595 more to go!!!

bring it on... :thumbup:
cool Airic, I really like the Silverback, but his eyes look funny for some reason? It was great to see you and Mike this AM, he is a cool dude. sure wish I had a long ladder this morning! I will tell you what i did after you guys left in my thread, when I get some editing done.

Good to see your back at it in full gear now.
Saw your cars this morning, great light and great shots. The rest of us had to worlk, you know to pay for all this camera stuff.
595 photo's on the wall, 595 photo's..If you edit one of the photo's then 594 photo's on the wall...rotf!
Hey! you got me in sexy pose that help get the ducks closer. So happy I did not have to wear that coat today, just a sweater, woohoo!

Man...those are really great images. Nice work.
You are saving for CAMERA GEAR?
Not for your trip down to DC?
Will my husband and I really have to be the only ones to keep up the "international" aspect of The First Big International TPF Meet-Up? That's too much of a burden.
We need some good (!) bird photographers there to take our photos --- of all those crazy birds that are going to meet up there. And Ray said he'd show me some tricks of bird (or crazy bird?) photography ... and I am so hoping to meet you and now you have all gone so silent about it. That WORRIES me! :confused:
stunning heron shots airic, love the tiger and the silverback aswell, great work :thumbup:

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