Swim4Kids Photographs - Brisbane - Gold Coast


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Feb 21, 2005
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I volunteered for this awesome cause www.swim4kids.com.au
It's a relay (about 90kms) from Gold Coast to Brisbane over 4 days. I spent 2 days on board, then had to jump off last night, but I'll be back there tomorrow for when they get into the Brekky Creek. So Brisbanites - get down there Sunday 10am!

So while I was out on the boat, I was taking photos and uploading them to my website. www.TravellingPhotographers.com

There's some good ones, and just some general snaps of people coming out of the cage after they finish their leg.

Anyway, enjoy. and if you feel like donating - go for it... it's all for the kids!
Hmmm that wouldn't be too fun with the weather here at the moment. I completely missed this event. This is the first I've heard of it.
Duuuuude! It's been all over the news.

Thursday was just gorgeous out on the boat. Yesterday was grey and raining so it made it hard to get exciting photos. When I left yesterday night it was getting pretty rough so I'm glad I got off then, i feel sorry for the night shift guys. They'd have a hard time swimming!
Hey Garbz,
Are you coming down this morning? If you are, say hi to me! I'll be the crazy one running around with the camera and bag all morning.


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