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I really like it. One little minor thing bugs me though, the lighter, circular handles on the front of the left carriage. They stick out a lot, to me at least.

Great shot though, and I think you did a tasteful job of the colour selection.
I really like it. Been following every picture you post. Your ability to compose and process the most interesting subjects is just 1st rate.
Cool picture. I like the compostition. Did you do some selective coloring with this photo?
Thank you for the feedback. This is one of my more heavily edited photos. The skyline is removed and replaced with clouds. The wagon has been touched up with Topaz Adjust and the graffiti colors have been boosted significantly.
Like it very much. Agree that the wheels on the left are a little too bright and distract the attention, but that is a minor thing. The image is fab!
This pic is odd to look at. Your explanation about removing the skyline tells me why. The only part of the sky I really dont like is the dark smudge on the top of the far end of the left hand train. It doesnt fit with the surrounding sky. Your treatment certainly makes it an eye catching image, with its simplicity.

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