Symptoms of a Dying Camera?


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Feb 22, 2012
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St.Louis, MO
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I was wondering what the symptoms of a dying camera were? Ive heard cameras lifespans are between 100-300,000 shots and I have an old D70 that has a mind of its own and I'm wondering if its reached its final days and how to tell? Thanks!

Response time has slowed, even with fresh batteries. Like, sometimes when I hit the shutter it doesn't even take a picture and I have no clue why, but this happens maybe 2 out of 10 times. Also, just general browsing through the images seems slower and changing configurations.
Also my ISO grain seems more sensitive. My higher ISO seems to have more grain than it used to.
dying CCD, your shutter can be replaced (though it's not cheap), possible issue with the circuit board...time for a new camera :)
Assuming you're not shooting in AUTO mode......................................

On a Nikon, when you're in AF-S or AF-A, will not shoot a picture without AF confirmation. It's common with any autofocus camera in indoor situations where the AF action will be slower to lock.

The D70 uses an electronic shutter, the mechanical shutter won't go above 1/90th of a second. Unless you've put over 100,000 clicks on the camera (which I doubt, most people don't ever get close), I doubt there's anything wrong with the shutter.

Unless you're doing long (as in minutes) exposures often, the CCD shouldn't be getting more noisy over time, check to see if Auto ISO is on.

I doubt there's anything wrong with the camera. Usually components stop working all together instead of "slowing down". My guess is you got your hands on a newer camera and saw just how old the D70 is.
Thanks so much for the info guys!! I actually shoot in manual and auto depending on my situation. I have a D70 80 and 7000 so the 70 is just a backup, but any camera is important to me! Was wondering what was wrong with it...

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