Take a look...spooky?


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Feb 25, 2006
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Creepy looking path, let me know what you think.
Yoiks! Looks like the set of a slasher flick or something. You wouldn't catch me walking there alone.
Oh yes, this path does sure look spooky or creepy in the way you are presenting it here.
In daylight, it may well be the most innocent path, but at night.... whoa!
Well photographed.

The white flecks... are they scanned dust specs?
Unfortunatly yes. Did bother photoshopping them out.
Im freaked id never walk underneath that lamp. Composite a faint faint faint image of a human walking through. Hrm Im having ideas now of fake ghost pictures with this one... :)
Very creepy :) makes you wonder what's on the other side of the wall. You can practically hear skittering in the dry leaves. Would not go there at night ... heck might not go there during the day! lol :) Nice shot, love the lighting.

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