Take the stress test

I took the test but I didn't see any dolphins?
Thanks Darren, I'm sure you're right!
The test was pretty neat though, I got a good chuckle from it.
Keep up the good work!
nikon90s said:
I see dead people :pale:
Hi Darren,
That is fantastic!
I didn't notice the Queen mother in the background at first, luv that silly little wave the royals are noted for.
i see dead people too! but then again, im in South Carolina and thats not such an uncommon thing.

oh crap, i need a vacation.

Oh my, I need a vacation....

Guess I'll need to take a road trip to san diego this weekend and go to six flags magic mtn on monday. :p

Actually, I already had that planned :D
Jeez! You must really love driving voodoocat!

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