Tamrac, Lowepro and Nikon bags, Nikon Wireless Adapter


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Aug 16, 2015
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1) Tamrac Evolution 8 (Model 5788) backpack. Used for just a couple outings. $150 shipped in the lower 48.
2) Lowepro Transit Sling 150. Used for just a couple outings. $60 shipped in the lower 48
3) Small Nikon shoulder bag. Never used, came with the kit I bought. $20 + shipping, rides free with either of the other bags which is probably the only worthwhile option but we can check if you are interested in it alone.
4) WU-1a Wireless Adapter. Never used, came with the kit I bought. $20 shipped or $15 if it rides along with one of the bags. When shipped the box will be neatly folded flat so it fits in a small box if it doesn't ride inside one of the bags.
5) No picture, but I have a used Hoya 52mm Linear Polarizer the seller told me was a circular polarizer. They gave me a refund and said keep it or pass it on. If anyone can use it, free with any of the above.

Paypal only. Or pick them up locally and pay cash and we can work out a deal. Would also be interested in a trade involving one of the following:
- One of the larger a Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise bags
- A Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 Pro DX II in a Nikon mount.
- Decent set of Nikon mount extension tubes (have the Kenko's on my wishlist.)
- Light meter with flash capabilities, such as the Sekonic L-308S


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WU-1A is sold. I am open to offers if my prices are off base.
New prices: $125 for the Tamrac and $50 for the Lowepro
Lowepro is sold. Make me an offer to buy or trade the Tamrac or Nikon!
Open to any and all offers. Picked up the first 3 items off my wish list the past few days but still interested in a light meter.
Willing to ship the Tamrac bag for $100 anywhere in the continental US.

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