Tanzanian Sunrise/Sunset


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Jan 10, 2006
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The Great White North
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1. This picture of the sunrise was taken near the bottom of Mt. Kilimanjaro


2. This picture of the sunset was taken from a rocky outcropping overlooking the Serengeti. I could see a few maribou storks flying nearby, so waited for this obliging fellow to fly through the shot.


These are straight out of the camera.
Thanks for looking.
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great sunsets Antarctican, i'd love to go there on day, great colours for 'out of the cam' :thumbup:
For 'out of cam' these are very nice. With some post work they could be SUPER :mrgreen:

Love the hint of rays behind the bird in #2. Is that a heron?
Thanks Woodsac. It was actually a Maribou Stork. Big, UGLY bird. I hope to post some more African bird pics soon.

I've recently (yesterday) acquired Photoshop, so once it's up and running and I have some idea how to use it, I hope to be able to do postwork on my pics. Til then, anyone else who wants to play with 'em is free to do so.
holy moly... these are exellent. Once you get that photoshop hoppin, these are gonna rock. You'll see.
Nicely captured!!
Ah. Africa.
It must be so special, so different. I could only guess from my sister's pics from her time in Malawi (a couple of years ago) and her recent trip to Namibia (November 2005)... the sunsets are just gorgeous there (and so soon gone, right?) and you captured both sunrise and sunset so well. A tiny shift of the curves in PS should already make the second photo become a stunner!
Beautiful colors! Your trip photos have made me feel like I was there!
Thanks everyone for your comments! :lovey: The sunrises and sunsets were just so stunning I took a lot of pictures of them. Heck, I just plain took a lot of pictures (~2100!!) But no fear, I'm not gonna post all of them. At one time.

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