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Nov 3, 2005
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Those of your who do Children's Photography, what are your thoughts on giving a proof of a child crying?
I generally try to only give happy photos because I've found that most parents are pretty obsessed with having a big ol' smile in their children's photographs, but I just had to include this one in on the last session I had. It kind of reminded me of one of Diane Arbus's photographs and she's def. one of my favorites.
I know that big part of Mom's sweater is pretty distracting. Maybe I'll try getting rid of it, but it's pretty big!

I would not give a photo like that to client.

As a side note, polaroid borders on non-polaroids are a HUGE pet peeve of mine.
I would do it. I am a mom and my kids' crying faces are sometimes just as cute as their smiley happy ones. Those expressions change too as they grow older. ;)
Another mom voting for a yes...I would give a crying photo to a client. Babies are babies are babies, for better and for worse. Not every moment in their lives are happy. Some of my favorite shots of my son are of him crying or angry or something other than happy and smiling. Not because I like to see him upset but because I like to remember every look, every expression that comes across that sweet little face of his!:lovey:
I would not give a photo like that to client.

As a side note, polaroid borders on non-polaroids are a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

It would be more helpful to me if you said why you wouldn't give a photo like the one I posted. Is it simply because the child is upset? Is it because you don't like the border? Is it because Mom's sweater is too distracting?
Souljourney and Kathi,
Thank you for your opinions, since you are Moms it helps me to know that you wouldn't necessarily be opposed to getting a crying picture.
As an aside, alright. I'm just saying, if I were paying for a series of shots I probably wouldn't see it coming. Provided it doesn't take the place of any other photo, but rather is in addition to them, I don't see a problem.
Well yeah, I definitely wouldn't submit this as the only proof from a session! I give 24 reworked proofs and thought it might be ok to give one that isn't the average happy shot.

I think I may really need to get rid of that annoying bright sweater though...grrr.
I just have to ask...what do you think that border adds to the photo? Is it something you would include as part of the final shot? If not, why frame it in a way in which it wouldn't otherwise be framed ? (i.e. your client probably isn't going to run out and buy a frame for the shot that looks like a 4x5 polaroid).

I just don't see the use. I find it to be more distracting than complimentary of the subject.
I personally think that it depends on the client to which you are giving the photo as to whether you should actually give the picture of the child crying or not.

I personally, as a parent, would not want a picture of my son crying/upset as I find images like that a little upsetting and would be a little upset having been given a picture like that from a shoot - I'm unlikely to put a picture of my child crying, on display.

However, having said that, some people would not mind at all having a photograph like that - it is a good photograph in the sense of art but you just have to be a little careful with sensitivity - some parents may even be slightly offended.

It is your decision to make at the end of the day, I personally wouldn't offer the photograph to the parents as most of the time, the parents want photographs of their children for happier display purposes and nice rememberance shots.

Lisa xx
The printed proofs will not have the frame, but I think the frame adds a nice finishing touch for presenting them their proofs online and for forums.
This particular client has been hiring me to shoot her children's portraits since her older son was born 3 years ago, so I'm not too concerned about trying out a new kind of photo on her. She has specifically stated that she likes how I photograph all the different aspects of her son's personality. And, I think when there are 23 other proofs to see that don't have a crying baby it will be less of a problem than if I were to present it in a group of only 10-15 images. But, you guys are right, you never know what may "offend" (eh, offend is kind of a strong word especially if it's your own child!) a parent. I suppose I could throw it in as #25 instead of including it as part of the quoted 24 shots....
awwe I love these kinds of moments.. I see them smile all the time and photos of them crying are just another memory to capture as we do NOT all have happy lives ALL the time.. There are moments you just have to cry! ANother mom voting yup!
Did you clone out the snot from below his nose, because that area looks really strange...??

I agree with Max on the borders, by the way. ;) I think messy borders look more like "MySpace" photos than a professional presentation, but that's just my opinion. :)

This image just makes me uncomfortable. Not a feeling I'd want to give to a potential customer. ;)

The printed proofs will not have the frame, but I think the frame adds a nice finishing touch for presenting them their proofs online and for forums.

I think "a nice finishing touch" is exactly the opposite of what it is. Polaroids are raw. And people who actually shoot Polaroids often include the border to reinforce that effect...i.e. the image is entirely untouched. A "finishing touch" is actually the antithesis of what the inclusion of such borders is generally intended to portray. Just my $.02.
Hi April,

I dont know if I really have an opinion on this issue. Im kind of on the fence. It can go either way for me.

I want to ask you though...is there any particular reason why you quote the customer for exactly 24 proofs? I dont usually set it to a certain number, simply because Im not sure I can always get 24 great shots in any given portrait session. I sometimes go as low as 12-15 proofs, and as high as 40 depending on how things went. The last shoot I did had 34 proofs, because there were just so many good expressions I wanted to show the parents.

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