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Dec 4, 2014
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I know it's a FAQ of sorts but I have been searching for a nice telephoto option for my T6s. My longest current lens is a 55-250Stm. Like most, I'm hoping for more reach, larger apertures, and sharpness.

Unfortunately I have set an extremely limited budget for this. If I can't find a suitable lens right now I will continue saving for a 400f5.6 or similar.

I don't want to spend more than $400-$500 right now

I am really interested in the Canon 200 f2.8. I know it's lacking in reach but with such a fast lens an earlier version 1.4TC should work well. Also the Canon 300 f4 is a common lens and might be a better option for me if I can find one that hasn't been beaten up and within budget.

I have mainly looked at primes but am not opposed to a zoom.

I prefer Canon lenses but would consider Sigma and Tamron if the quality is there. Thanks in advance for all your help!
I'll be honest and say keep saving.

You're only just under half way in saving at the $500 end to a 400mm f5.6 L sold new. Sold second hand in good condition you might save a bit more so you can say you're half way already! If you can keep saving you'll cover that ground faster than you think and you'll get a fantastic lens for what you need at the end of it.

That said if money is slow and that next half is going to take a vast amount of time then you might consider something for the now; however I'd wager that keeping your money saved is the better option .

Note the 300mm you mention is in the same rough price bracket as the 400mm.
Thanks. You're probably right. I've never been a patient person. lol

I just want it all!! Darn it!!
I was saving for a year to replace my 55-250IS (non-STM) with a Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS.

It was a very worthwhile wait and upgrade, I don't find it any worse optically then the
1st gen non-IS Canon 70-200 2.8 that I used a lot recently.

Maybe you can find one of those used.
Also, the 55-250 is a very sharp lens, I was very happy with it, I just couldn't shoot concerts
with it properly because of the small aperture and my T2i not being able to perform well at
high ISOs.
I know the feeling :)

Certainly I'd advocate saving if it would take years to gain the extra; but otherwise I would say wait and hold onto that money and keep saving. Long lenses jump in price a lot very quickly; but the quality also jumps a lot between those divisions.
I cannot complain about the sharpness of the 55-250 STM. I have been limited recently in less than ideal light.
I cannot complain about the sharpness of the 55-250 STM. I have been limited recently in less than ideal light.

That's exactly, as I've said, the reason I replaced mine.
I tried a lot of "in-between" lenses and figured the Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS is the absolute minimum and cheapest solution.
I knew I needed 2.8 becuase of T2i's high ISO issues, and I absolutely wanted and needed the stabilization.

I can comfortably get good, sharp shots at 2.8, 1/50s and 200mm.
Using the borrowed non-IS Canon 70-200 2.8, I was able to get 1 out of 6 shots sharp at that (or close) shutter speed
shooting a concert or something similar. I know 1/50s is pushing it re: freezing motion, but higher speeds are sometimes
just not an option consdering I don't want to push ISO over 1600.

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