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Oct 2, 2005
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My little guy all upset.. Drinking his juice box.....


Then he realizes its empty.... ( I actually like the angles on these.. Its not normal for me eto do different angles, so I gave it a try.. )



NOW that crying isnt really working to fill his juice box.. So he went a little further and threw a temper tantrum...


(NOw I know these are portraits Per say... SO if you move them its fine :) )

thanks for looking
Now that is a very familiar sight! He's got beautiful eyes :) He'll love these when he's older :)
My definition of portrait is screwed a bit, but I like them the last one especially.

I probably would have cropped it verticle but it is still a great shot ideal for a poster or a family greeting card to add some message on the right side. By the way there are few times that I wouldn't do a verticle crop on a single person. It just old habits I suppose. Unless there is a heck of a compelling reason not to of course.

And he won't love them, he will hide them and try to never have a date or his wife see them lol...

I was very fortunate that no childhood shots like this of me exist. I grew up in a family too poor to take pictures and I thank god for it.
I feel the same way when my beer glass is empty.
Big Mike said:
I feel the same way when my beer glass is empty.
Can we have a picture of that? :lol:

Holly, I love this series! Poor little guy. :) I think you caught these in the perfect sequence! That first one is especially priceless, with those big eyes.

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