Tennessee..calm after the storm


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Mar 7, 2006
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I live in Nashville, Tn, and as I'm sure a lot of you know we had some REALLY bad weather this past week. Well, I got my 2 boys all situated in the bathroom with the pillows and blankets and stuff, and then couldn't resist to go out and take some storm photos. Unfortunately none of them came out because of my crappy camera! LOL! They were all WAY too dark, and lightening them in PS made them very grainy. I did, however, take this shot literally 2 minutes after the storm came through, luckily we didn't get a tornado touchdown in my area. I just thought it was amazing that it could look so beautiful when just 2 minutes before it looked like the end of the world! Any thoughts on this one?

I also wanted to add that the only post processing done was a slight levels adjustment. The sun was seriously that bright when those storm clouds were moving out of the way. It was breathtaking!

It looks like ImageShack did something funky to the tones of the photo, but it looks much brighter and richer in print.
First of all, glad you're all ok....we were all talking about that weather on Friday here in the office (Chicago)!

2nd, it looks like an awesome capture, but at least for me, it's super tiny! Maybe it's my computer (it's a bit old). I'd like to see it bigger if by chance you could!

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