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Oct 23, 2011
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Toronto, Ontario
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I'm sure this has been discussed many times before, but from my searches on Google and through the forum I wasn't really stuck onto an answer.

I'm very curious on; taking photos inside the Airport Terminal, or even just before you check in your ticket at the desk(not physically up at the desk, just the border of the upstairs/downstairs entrance of the Airport and the bag drop off section(s)). Is this illegal?
I tried looking for the rules for the nearby airport in my area but no luck. I may call them and ask personally but I wanted to see if anyone may have the answer I'm looking for.

Thanks a lot!

I apologize in advance if this matter has been discussed in a previous thread, but I wouldn't see the need to bump a post that may be really old.
I don't know about the legal issue, per se, but I've taken a lot of photos in a lot of airports and never been stopped or questioned by anyone for it.
The only issue you may have is if you are taking photos of the security checkpoints. But it varies everywhere.

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