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Dec 14, 2003
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This is a shot I took when planning my halloween costume. It is one of my collectable pieces that stands about 2' tall. To shoot this I back lit it with a Cateye bicycle light, and used my fog machine to create the fog around him. Regular light bulbs can not create the rays through the fog like I wanted.
Using a slow shutter speed, I then painted the front of the figure slightly with a pen light to light him up a bit.
I tried to replicate this costume as close as I could.
I was not sure whether to clone out the rafter in his building or not.

This is me in full costume. 140 scares and 1 crying teenage girl later. :lol::lol: This is only a snapshot, taken with the timer.
you're awesome!
Awesome lighting in #1.

It could be a perspective issue for me, but it appears Leatherface in #1 has a much larger tool then in #2. lol
The image is great...I would have a hard time telling that it's a miniature.
Well done using that lighting to create such mood and atmosphere in #1. And although #2 is a good shot, it hardly does justice to how seriously scary you looked in your costume. (Am still a little freaked out *twitch twitch*)
the miniature looks real. Taht's a great picture. leave the "rafter" in.
Agree with all on how real #1 looks! That is an awesome setup.
im with mike, at first i thought the first one WAS real not a miniature. amazing photography skills and scarying skills. The rafter in the first shot adds SO much it makes it look real and like it is in a barn
Thanks everyone. Appreciate your comments.
What a rip! I was expecting Baby Bush making a speech from the White House.

Nice use of the CatEye, did you apply sepia later?

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