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Jul 14, 2005
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A more 'scenic' view of Manson's truck at Ballarat. What's left of a couple of the buildings in the bg.

That's a beautiful shot - lovely landscape, great clouds, and the truck in the foreground is so sharp. Love it.
nicely exposed sacman!
sure miss your photos around here :D
Beautiful SHOT!!!
The mountains and clouds in the background and I love pics with the old trucks.

I really like this! GREAT SHOT!!!
I so wish I could get some clouds from you.
Your cloud factory does custom work, I can tell: you say: "Clouds: imitate the bushes in the foreground and a bit of the mountains in the background" and they do just that. Wow. Too cool to have such connections! Too cool.
So you always get these most amazing photos!
Right on Woody. Awesome image. I would love to see that.
Thanks all :D

It pays to go out during or right after a storm. All the colors and the light are so soft. It had rained and snowed the night before, and rained some more a few hours later. It was a good day to be out.
You always have the most spectacular sky backdrops. I am going to have to try getting out after a storm - it does that a lot here!
When I lived in El Paso/New Mexico area, the skies always seemed so much nicer there - more vibrant in colors, etc etc. I sure do miss that!

This is an awsome photo, which is a common thing coming from you! Love the old truck and history behind it.

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