The Barton Angel for Chiller and Archangel


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Sep 3, 2005
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Northern California
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Ok so I got back out there and I couldn't find the statue anywhere at Holy Cross, turns out it was at the cemetery next door at Cypress Lawn (I hate getting old). The lighting was not quite optimal but I think they turned out ok. I try again to re-shoot earlier in the day. I hope you like them







Thanks for looking!
Niiiiiiice series, Randog! The wings on the statue are in such good shape. In the first shot I like the selective colouring, and with the way the light hits the statue, it looks like it can't make up its mind if it's a dark angel or a light angel.
wow randog, what an awsome series, the first one is stunning and the light is perfect. At first i thought this was a female angel, which is often the case in cems, but looking at it in 4&5 i tnink this is an Archangel or at least a male gardian angel. Totally amazing statue, havent seen anything similar over here, so thanks a bunch for sharing them and keep an eye out for more!! :thumbup:
randog...this is a great series... wonderful shots...that angel is just beautiful...

love the up close shot....with her looking down...but the first shot where the light shines half on half off... that is represents good and evil.....great capture.

excellent shots, dude...
Beautiful series! What an awesome statue. I agree with Arch that it's a male guardian angel - look at the chest and also the muscle definition in his arms.

Rrrr'dog. Stunning statue . You captured it well. The detail and the over look this this is one of the best I have seen. Nicely done!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing these.
Thank you for your kind comments, I really enjoyed shooting this one. The statue itself is so very beautiful and the site that it is on seem to be penetrated by the beauty of the statue The entire areas atmospheres was very calm and peaceful not in the least bit eerie. If fact I felt like the Barton’s must have been very beautiful people. Thanks again!
that first one kicks it in the pants.. The angle and the lighting... Very cool shot......
:hail: :hail: :hail: :hail:

Killer shots! Love the face shot of her ... how fantastic!
Thorhammer and Anicole, Thank-you for your most awesome comments!!!
What a beautiful angel! Stunning capture... love that first one with the selective coloring. Well done!

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