The BMW for my photo shoot


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Jul 16, 2003
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thought I'd post some pics of the car I'm gonna shoot this thursday





found some good environments for this car, but any ideas are welcome
Nice car you could put that anywhere and it still would look good.... but for my idea how about putting it is a junk yard for contrast or maybe put a bunch of old lamps around it.....put it in a theater on stage. just my ideas. :roll:
That would look great flying through Amish country.

Take a pic from a leading car (go the same speed).....the bmw will be in focus and the background will blur.
Good shots but I'd like to see more lighting so that more detail of the vehicle is seen.
Just my opinion.
mrsid99, these aren't my pics, these pics come from the BMW website

I'm gonna shoot this coming Thursday :)
That's good!
Yours will of course be perfect!
Have fun and we're all looking forward to seeing the results.
I don't know if mine will be perfect, but I'll give it my best shot! ;)

less than 20 hours to go now

I must say I'm like a child waiting for my Christmas presents :)
These are just quickie pics with digital cam.

have to develop the others
but I thought I'd share these with you all

now you can see my face too :)




3 litre, 6 cilindres in line
0-60mph: 6,9 sec
Topspeed: 250km/h (155mph) limited
300NM at 3500 rpm
231 BHP
Price: approx. ¤ 76.000,-

Got loads of positive reactions on the highway
except when I was doing 200km/h (124mph)
don't forget the weight of the car is 1570kg

but I can tell you it's FAST!!!


It's a good looking vehicle but your face is the best picture...having a blast were we?
oh hell yes

that car is amazing................

it will be mine.....
oh yes.....
it WILL be mine


3 hours are nothing......

I'm not happy about how the shoot went.....

I had the car for 3 hours, it rained for 1 and a half..... :(

So I didn't shoot much pics, I'm pretty positive about how they
will turn out, but next time I want a car for the day.....

So if any of you is ever gonna do a photo shoot, make
sure you can have the car for a day.

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