The Burial


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Dec 14, 2003
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F@cking Hell
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Chiller these ones are spooking me out. The first one is amazingly awesome, composite is perfect with the clouds, last one gives me chills. Great shots!!
Trippy very trippy... I like it you caught a moment there....

You ever watch the old movie "phantasm"? Thats gotta be like one of your all time favorites....!!!
nicely done chiller, the sky is perfect in the first and i like the dash of red in the second..... sweet shots man :thumbup:
second shot is a framer..! love that with the red very "my chemical romance.." type of shot...( rock group..)

these are just awesome them..
Sweet shots, Cannuck!

Didja look inside to see if it was anyone we know? Was it Raven on a Road Trip?!?!?
Thanks a bunch everone,.
aincole.. I did look inside. I was surprised to see that you can not really see the hole. It is a very decorative insert, that is only aboot 3' deep. You can not see any dirt at all.
I looked around for Raven...but...I did see a crow....on a cross.:boogie:

This is the coloured version of the first shot.

Excellent shots! Love the selective coloring in the second one! Very nice!
Whoa, just realized I hadn't posted to this one yet. Nice compo, great clouds in the first one, and they certainly give me the chills, so that's a thumb's up darkside post, Chiller!
Awsome shots Chiller. The second shot is fantastic, I love everything about it. The compo, the great use of selective colouring, the contrast ....

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
cracker chiller, love the first one, really got a good eye there, only one mind, lol.

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