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May 23, 2009
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Please check out my work :) The most popular images are my Stormtrooper scenes, but I do have landscapes as well, including one that will be used in a movie being released next month called "21 Jump Street."

Thanks for looking!

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You might get more responses if you post a a few here as most people do not like to click links to galleries.

As for the photos, I like the concept (especially that one with the troopers peaking out in ranks), but wondered if the choice of exposure on the background was maybe slightly off?!? Was the intention a high key look, or the sort of muted off white?

Very creative and fun.
Thanks! I'll post some when I get home to make it easier for viewing.

I've never had links pose any issues when posted by established members. If its from a credible member I have no problem clicking it, but I would never touch a link from a new member. Seems to be the general consensus.

I added a new link to the first post which is less sale-oriented, as well as added some sample pictures for those who have a zero-tolerance rule on links. (Although I have been a member for quite some time, so please don't worry about it).
I revamped my main website (the SmugMug link in my signature and the first post) so hopefully it's much cleaner now.

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