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    For those who haven't followed on either my site, my DA space, or just in other ramblings, I'll fill in some of the past first.

    The food for the existing digifamily here is actually a 5mb cable connection that then gets split by the G router chained above....


    Wire is superior to wireless; however, therefore wire runs back toward the brain but we didn't have a long enough cable to make one jump. No biggy; a prosthetic oesophagus.........


    helps makes the trip to the data hungry belly........


    But, while mom, dad, the aunts, and the uncles lay around, the kids play freely on the wireless......

    The palm goes where no computer has gone before, the digivid streams nicely while the fuji grabs the view from another angle. Communication can be had in two different states as well. While sis is busy doing graphics, big brother takes time to enjoy the more recreational side of life.

    But... the new addition to the family is......


    A new grandchild........

    The second of soon to be three Fuji S5100's was recently acquired seen here looking down on Earth from the living room's computer which has been glued to NASA's live feed for the past two weeks.

    Here's a close-up of the kids side-by-side....

    And not to forget giving credit where credit is due.... Camedia C700uz was unavailable for the photoshoot because he was the one letting everybody see.


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