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May 13, 2005
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ok so lately i've been spending a lot of time at home and have been unable to shoot as such... and the kid sister had a day off from school..
... err... so what do you do with a typical 12 y o 'girl'...:er:
... she's a complete opposite of me ...
heheh so 'spending some quality' time togehter meant taking a few pics... not the purtiest sight with the fangs but yeah we had fun :lmao: and then she took some of me and the dawg on auto :mrgreen:
its pretty much just a snap... couldnt really be up and about standing for too long


:) tx for looking
not bad for a snap mansi :D like yer compo...mebbe a bit low on the angle but hey....its a snap ;) an hope yer feelin well enough to get out an shoot soon.....u must be missin the action:D
cool snapshot mans.... so whats with the fangs!?... is she a photog too?
thanks guys
arch ;) whats with the fangs is that poor thing is loosing her baby teeth hehe :lol: and no she isnt a photog... im trying to teach her stuff though... got a decent eye for a 12 y o
cool... makes an interesting effect.... i could do that in ps.... but its better for real :lol: .... poor girl... still, she'll loose em soon enough.

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