The Droplets


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Dec 14, 2003
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While out last weekend after the rain I thought about a post by Alexandra...check it oot>> , and was inspired to give it a go. I wanted to see if I could catch the branches in the drop of water


Thanks for the inspiration Alex
i say thank YOU ;)
that's just killer... the reflections you got are so cool! Also it's nice you left it in color, the red really adds to it.
The reflection in the drops is just awesome!!WAY TO GO!!!!Killer Chiller! =)
That shot is ah-MAZ-ing!! Love the reflection, and the red branch extending to both sides of the frame. :hail:
nicely done chiller, cool little reflections in them.... good one :thumbup:
thats insane! gorgeous shot... beautiful treatment.. i LOVE it carl! thanks for sharing :)
that's awesome... the branches are so clear in the reflection! Great job!
Spectacular image, Chiller! I love the colors and your composition. The reflection in the droplets is just icing on the cake.

Beautiful!! :)
Thank you sooo much for all your kind words. I really appreciate it.
Alex....glad you liked it. away. I dont mind at all. If anybody else wants to, please go ahead. I would love to see other drop shots too. Your caught your droplet well, the Dof and the comp is cool. Nice one.
Thanks again everyone.

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