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Feb 16, 2006
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That's the name Londoners have given to Norman Foster's tower (completed in 2004) otherwise known as the Swiss Re building. This shot includes the nearby St Andrew Undershaft, a church of c.1530, to give a pairing of the old and the new - a characteristic of the modern city.
For more information about this photograph (and for my views on the building) go to:

wow......the subject contrast makes any editing un needed to catch someones eye......what can say hey look better than a huge glass structure looming over an old stone structure such as that? Is that a lightning rod ground cable running down the left of that church?
Definitely some heavy duty constrast going on there.... subjects themselves and the photograph. The compositionis excellent the sky color is a little disconcerting to me but that's just me. I never see a sky that color in nature. But that is just a personal thing it is an excellent photograph...

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