The Great Watermark Debate with Trey Ratcliff,Miss Aniela, Thomas Hawk, and more! :)


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Jun 2, 2013
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Its a long video 2 plus hours, it took myself a few session to watch the whole thing mainely killing time in between classes but i found it interesting to see the different views on watermarking and a bunch of pros ranting on.
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Bullet points would be really appreciated! I like those guys, but 2:37:00 is a LLoooongggg time.
Personally I'm not willing to devote 2+ hours to the subject of watermarking. To be honest I'm not willing to devote more than about 2 minutes to the subject, it's too simple: Do or don't; your choice.
Just what the world needs - more photographers that don't know when to shut up.
Too long for me. I got through about 2 minutes.

With WM's i used to use them when I started with 700 - 800kb files on the web. After 8 months or so I stopped. Most of the great photogs don't use WM's. Their photos can never be confused with other photogs work.

Now I just use lower res images on the web, say 200 - 300 kb. I name my file like this "Photos Name Copyright 2012 My Name"

I have my photos on various sites around the web to archive them. If someone downloads my photo they can see my registration info on the file. If they remove it and the photo floats around with no name. Someone can still find the owner with a Google image search.

I'm with the others. When it comes to watermarking, to each his own. I just don't care what anyone else does. I didn't used to, now I put a small, barely noticeable mark in the corner. Meh.

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