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Dec 14, 2003
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I was down by the lake yesterday, feeding the swans, and met a boy, named Ali. He was kinda shy at first, but he was curious as to how I could get the swans to eat out of my hands. After a few minutes, they gained his trust and began to eat out of his hand too. I think it really made his day. I told him not worry about them biting, cause they dont... unless you hold out your hand and dont have any food in it.

How sweet... perfect title too! Excellent shot Chiller!
Cute shot! I love the detail in the Swan.
I had that happen to me once, except I was not TRYING to feed the swans..I was sitting on a park bench eating a doughnut waiting for my turn on the jetski and the little bugger came up and took my doughnut out of my hand, then his friend took my empty hand LOL!
what a great shot chiller... i love that...

the face is great detail.... you can even see the ridges on his inside of his beak... that is just spectacular....look how close your shot is...
the little glint in his eye is really cool....

great job!
you surely have a way with people and animals Carl :thumbup:

love this one!
hehehehe.... i cant help but find that shot amusing (hope it didnt hurt him tho)..... well captured mate :thumbup:
awwwwwww:heart: ... thats a beautiful shot chiller! :D
perfect light and beaut bokeh :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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