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The Lady in the stone


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Feb 6, 2006
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Temagami Ontario Canada
Not sure if this is the right forum for this but thought I would post it anyway.

nice image :thumbup: cool effect...
a mod or admin will move if it is in wrong place
Intresting, I think that if you would up the opacity of the layer with her face and then change the blend mode to darken, it might look like she were more part of the stone. I tried that kinda effect before and that is what worked for me. Nevertheless. Nice image.
thanks for the comments duncanp.
What you suggested Clark won't work in this instance --makes everything blotchy. Soft light and multiply were closer to what your suggesting but I prefered what I ended up with here. There is more going on in the photo that just blending a face onto a rock so whatever I do to the face affects the whole photo. I would love to see how yours turn out.--Lenny

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