The legend of King Arther, merlin and the knights of the round table (14 pics)


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Jan 21, 2006
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Is it myth?..... or was it real?..... well you can decide for yourselves. If you dont know much about this legend, basically it involves a King (arthur!)... a sword called Excalibur..... a hippie wizard type, called merlin.... and a group of dashing knights..... of the round table. (at this point you may wanna make a cup of tea or sit back and relax or something.... and i'll try not too bore you.... too much :lol: )

I visited Tintagel (google it for more info..... if your interested)..... on the north devon coast..... it is suppose to be THE home of King Arthur..... the castle ruins are perched high on an island, with crashing seas surrounding it.. it was built in the early 13th century (which means its ****ing old)..... and you can see why the myth is attached to it..... the area is..... well...... mystical looking!

..... and btw if you ever go to tintagel, just agree that it was all true and it did happen there..... EVERYTHING in the town area is named after the myth... i.e. 'king arthurs inn'..... 'merlins gift shop'..... etc... you get the drift... so they believe that if it happened at all..... it happend in tintagel.... of course the latest film of king arthur, starring Clive Owen didn't feature Tintagel..... in fact it stated that the king was from somewere else... i believe the letters are still pouring in the complaints office at the film studios.... they were so PI$$ED that the film company did that.... again mention it and your likely to get a pitch folk in your back.

Anyway.... here we go... on the way down to the entrance....



The main entrance area......


This is called 'merlins cave'.... not sure why they put merlin in a cave, maybe he had a serious body odour problem or something..... like "hey merlin look.... a nice cave just for you"....... "but i want to be up there with you guys?"....
"what?.... why?.... look its all yours.... do whatever you want down here.... its just for you man!"
"oh yea..... i suppose.... if you put it that way..... thanks guys!"
*under breath*..... "yea whatever... smell you later merlin..... you freak"

Either that or he was just anti-social......


Hey your roosting in my spot!




another view of merlins cave...... poor bastard.......


you dont wanna fall in here.....



One of the main rooms...... possibly were 'the round table' was.....


the larger island... with the main entrance etc..... (the sun was on this side all day, so i couldn't get a decent shot)


The cool smaller island..... bit like something from LOTR, dont you think?..



I have a few more for my d/s buddies, which i'll post later..... thanks for looking.... if you made it this far :lol:
Angel, these are phenom shots! That town should use them as brochure material!

Merlin ... smell ya later you freak ... :biglaugh: you're a riot, dude ... A RIOT!!!

That second shot does it for me ... all those lovely blues! They're all wonderful, don't get me wrong ... that just happens to be my favorite! The view of Merlin's cave through the stones is pretty awesome, too!

You have multitudes of talent, fella ...
Beautiful work Arch! Very well done pic's and story! :thumbup:
Schmokin Arch. wow... the scenery is stunning man..I would give almost anything to see this. Well done buddy.
WoW! You really get a feel for the history from your pictures! I also enjoyed the commentary you added! Two thumbs way up!:thumbup: :thumbup:
I saw a show on the Discover channel where a group of scientists / archaeologists / historians...were trying to uncover more about King Arthur.

The idea they gave was that the real King Arthur was from a much earlier period than commonly though. He wouldn't have had a was more like a hall. They were unearthing ruins at the top of a hill, don't remember the name but it wasn't near the sea. The knights would not have been the shining armor type of knights that we think of...more like barbarians.

His body is supposed to be buried in a tomb at some church somewhere...but they couldn't confirm that.
Thanks guys.... its a great day out.... if its not raining!

Mike , yea i'v seen a few things before and i'v been to the place (which was a hall) were the round table is suppose to be...... its somewere alse in england... cant remember where..... and he was suppose to much earlier.... the 6th century i think.... so its difficult to say what the hell went on.... tintagel was only suppose to one place (of course they believe the main place) for arther and his croneys...... but theres a couple others over england.....but its intertesting stuff :thumbup:
Arch thanks for posting these, they are superb. I was in Tintagel last fall. My pictures of the old Post Office didn't come out did you get one? It is such a classic English building.
:hail: :hail: :hail: :hail:

giving ya bow-y guys.....

just great archangel....your totally awesome....

i wanna see person...maybe one day, me and nicole and -alliope can about fun...!
Excellent shots Angel - and I love your commentary too! You're too funny!! Great photos and beautiful colors!
Oh, I want to travel to England ... NOW!
This green, the blue of the water, all that history captured in your photos ... I am all fascinated. And Devon is a place I have never been to before.
(But what do I say, I've only just come back from the States, I just MUST NOT think about travel again!)
Thanks guys....... digital flower pictures - i didn't get a shot of the old post office..... i was gonna get it on the way back, but we ended up going a different way :grumpy: ...... really want to get that one too..... have to visit again.

raven you guys can come visit if you want ;) ..... and you lafoto :mrgreen:
Excellent post, Arch! :king: I read tons of King Arthur books when I was a kid, but have never seen any of the places associated with the legend. Tintagel looks like a beautiful place to hike and take pics (on a sunny day). And I loved the running commentary you posted with the images. Two thumbs up!

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