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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL

Edit: which one is better?

wallandlight2.jpg the effing hell did you do that?
awesome effect whatever you did, is it a zoomer??
cool shot.... i know how to do this in ps.... but if it's straight from the :thumbup:
Zoomer. Use slow(ish) shutter speed and zoom as you press the shutter. Only PS was BW conversion, levels, contrast, and crop. I added another cropped version, which is better? I thought that "thing" on the right detracted from the image so I cropped it out. But now I feel it loses some space and depth perception. I dunno, what do you all think?

Thanks for your comments Bace, JTH and Archangel.
Nice one man. I think the second is better cause that other thing isnt there.
yea i'd have to go for the second, your right, that thing is too distracting.... although i do prefer the overall scale of the first.... it would be a ***** to clone out tho cuz of the irregular pattern. so second is best.
i agree with your thoughts... i didn't really notice the thing on the right too much, but with them right next to each other i think i like the tighter crop... :thumbup:
No...I like the second one best.
I agree that the second one is better. that thing (looks like a vent of some kind or rainguard for a vent) is distracting. jsut seing the light door and bricklines zoom like that is awesome.
I like the second one..looks great..but you just zoom the image to get more closer..the changes is so obvious.

Nice image by the way.
Very cool. THe second shot for me.
Coolest zoomer ever! I tried one with our Christmas tree when it was still up and could never get a clear "zoomer-only zoomer"... they all were "shaker-zoomers", I never got the zoom-lines this straight!

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