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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL
I liked the way the cloud and grass created a concave in this shot. I didn't see it as I composed the photo, I just got lucky.


That last B&W is a bit eerie. Neat captures!
thats some freaky weather!

I love the horizontal lines of the horizon and road in contrast with the text of the sky :thumbup:
*EDIT* damn :( double post!!!
Wow.thats some storm. Nicely captured.
You had some wonderful sky the other day! Wow.
Your countryside looks very much like you could have taken the pics where I live! Everything around me looks the same. Flat countryside, lines of trees. Lots of fields. So far no such stormy weather in this year's May, though (last year yielded some nice storm cloud pics in May for me, too).

Your black+white versions, heavily contrasted as they are, are ever so dramatic, they give me funny feelings in the stomach - oppressive is the word.
good captures..... i prefer the b+w for both shots and the first is my fav :thumbup:
Thanks my people. Oddly enough, it didn't rain very hard. The clouds were moving so fast, it passed pretty quickly.

Glad you liked 'em. Rock on.............


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