The Lion King and Queen


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Feb 6, 2006
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Temagami Ontario Canada
A pic I took this winter of my Belgians. I will be glas when all of the snow is gone and we can get some green backgrounds for a change.--Lenny

could swear i've seen this before...maybe not.

excellent exposure...beautiful dogs!
Cool shot of some beautiful pooches.
aprilraven said:
man, a huge difference between the guy and girl dog.... such a great shot....

Storm and Dee Dee are at the opposite end of the standard. Storm is at the max for height and weight and his coat is massive. Dee Dee is also at the max height for a female and her coat is more like a cross of the Mal and Greon. If your not familiar with the breed there are four varities. Greon. is all black the mal is the same colour as the Terv but has short hair like a German shepard and the Leakin (i have only put the short forms of their names) has very curly fur. Thanks for the look see and the comments to everyone--Lenny
amazing! i love it! i like how you can't see any of the background but you exposed it just right so you can see the snow they're standing in! nice nice work! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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