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Jul 2, 2003
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I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan and I just thought I'd see who all else likes it. Anyone read the books? I loved them and consider them the best I've ever read. I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but my sister and I even figured out how to write in Elvish. It can be alot of fun. (Yes, I'm a tad obsessive.) How do you think they did with the movies? Do you think they were true to the books?
yeah! i love LOTR!
Ive read them all bar return of the king. loved it since first reading the Hobbit at 17, and had always wondered when they were going to makea movie and how they'd get the actors to look like hobbits without walking on their knees hehe

i adored the films and am eagerly awaiting december. got to read the book first though!
i think peter jackson and his crew did a brilliant job.

you have a elvish fetish..i have a legolian one hehee :p
Must confess that i too am a fan of "the rings". I read the hobbit at school because we had too :) but thoroughly enjoyed it and the rest of the books.
Also agree with Manda that the movies have been fantastic!!! I can't wait till they're all out then i will buy the lot on DVD and watch them all straight through :)

P.S. ShutterBug, i wasnt to see your next post to the forum written in Elvish!!! :lol: :wink:
Ah, I too was introduced to the Hobbit in College English class. I have read Hobbit 4 or 5 times and LOTR Trilogy so many times I have lost count. Tolkien and his congealing of the varied threads of the Fantasy legends and Myths etc. stands as one of the finest examples both of prose and story weaving. Depth of story has not acheieved the level of the Silmarillion in any other single story. I dont beleive. Amazing.

The movies were incredible. Very good. Like any rabid fan I have some issues. But, oh well. Such is hollywood. And how can you ever do complete justice to LOTR? Cant be done.

Iluendael bless.
ive read all the books and love the movies so far.... but theres one thing that bothers me.....

SPOILER: dont read past if you havent read the books

when did shelob play into the books? i thought it was the second book, but in the movies its going to be the third... weird.

Yerp MD, twas at the end of the second book. But Jackson in his infinite wisdom has left it till the beginning of the third movie. I can somewhat understand his decision on all points, except that I wanted to see Shelob a year earlier.

That said, I've read and love the books. But I find that you need to be in the right mind set to tackle them, otherwise you find yourself skimming pages and nothing sinks in.
Well Luckydog, (sorry for the delay) I'd love to write in elvish here, but I've never found a font that would ever work. I'd love to find one or know how to make one maybe. I suppose I might could write it and scan it in, but I'm not sure how I would get it here. (forgive my computer ignorance) If you can help me I'd be happy to. And Tyjax, I completely agree with you on the depth of the books and how impossible it would be to do them justice on screen! You're my kind of fan. I hate to admit that I haven't had the time to read them more than once. But I hope to before December. One thing I want to know- Why in the world did Peter Jackson not get Best Director at the Academy Awards?!!! He was robbed!! I can't imagine coordinating so much at once!! He did an excellent job I think, even if I do wish that everything in the books was on screen.
I think they will give him the oscar next yr with ROTK as a whole package whammy deal

It'd be silly to give him one for two towers and ignore the others, so i do think he has a big chance of it next year.

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