The Mighty York River (B+W)


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Jul 28, 2003
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The mighty York River with the Coleman Bridge towering in from the top left. Taken with a Canon t50.

Its good, but there is an awful lot of white space. I know it's hard to make clouds appear when you need them :D
I actually like the white space (I think its called negative space, or something.. :? )
I like the bridge going off into the distance. i love the lines in this picture. The brdige carries my eyes to the shore which take it off the picture and back to the beginning. Its nice. And Technically I'd say u need a little more exposure for the white sky, but there are always exceptions to the ruels and I think this is one of htem. i like how it looks.
I dont know much technical stuff, I'm just snapping at my intuition. Would more exposure have washed out the sky, in other words, made it solid white?

good work dude!! got a dumb question though... why so grainy?? was it the scan or some photoshop voodoo?

I think the scan was set at a low resolution, and then I enlarged it on top of that.
good composition, I like a shot I keep looking at.

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