The Park Poetry

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    For English we had to write a free verse non rhyming poem about something true or a real feeling, and this is what i am thinking of turning in
    dontlaugh haha

    The Park
    You don't know it, but sometimes i go to a park
    Full of transcending memories and illuminating lights
    Things I saw and things I want to see projecting through
    Swinging by and by in dismay that my premonitions wronged me
    Because every day I go and you're not there
    While you haven't the slightest glimpse of this eternity
    Not even a glance or knowledge
    of this lingering world I keep tucked behind my heart
    I thought you knew of it once while I spent 8 months under the stars
    But that was another hallucination and mirage that protected my vunerable heart from reality
    The reality you choose and the reality you continue to choose
    While you have no idea how much I miss you.


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