The Pharos Lighthouse - Britain's oldest standing Roman building

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    The Roman lighthouse known as the Pharos stands in the grounds of Dover's 12th Century Norman Castle, adjacent to the Saxon church of St Mary-in-Castro.

    The first view is from the south (click for larger size) and shows 4 levels. The bottom 3 are Roman and the top one is a medieval addition:


    Below is the view from the north. There's a small square stone at the bottom left of the center top window which is referred to in the following quote:


    The Pharos, and the remains of its sister, the Bredenstone (shown below), were built in AD 46.

    The Bredenstone:


    In the 16th & 17th centuries the East (Castle) Pharos was known as "Caesar's Tower" and the West (Bredenstone) Pharos as "[Julius] Caesar's Altar".

    I'm not a religious person but it did fire my imagination as a youngster to think that ordinary Roman soldiers on guard duty at the Pharos and Bredenstone might have been similarly employed in and around Jerusalem a dozen or so years earlier.

    "Comments" are welcome but I'm not so sure about "Critique" - I'm a newbie and these are some of my first photos with a K100D :)

    John Latter / Jorolat

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    Dover Castle


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