The Photoforum shop ad confusion

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    it appears we have two adds in the "our Sponcers" listing which both appear to advertise The Photoforum Shop.
    However the ad with the iamge of a lens and the slogen
    "lose the weight not the lens"
    appears to link to a defunct version of the site - which then auto redirects to Procameragear:
    link in the ad:
    The Photo Forum Official Merchandise
    redirected link.
    Pro Camera Gear

    However it appears that the other ad for the Photoforum Shop works and does send people direct to the existing shop. (this ad being the one with a shirt and cap on it).
    link from that ad Online Store

    also will we ever see the TPF camera strap back?

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    3 threads all about adverts on tpf, makes me glad I use ad block software

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