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Jun 29, 2004
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Poland, Sz-n
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I'm sure that everyone has a favourite place, where they love to spend time if there's a possibility. Somewhere in your area? Favourite park? Zone? or maybe city...? so share with us! What's worth seeing!

so for me... I love polish seaside. On the one hand it is peaceful... I think there's something about patriotism in me that says so, but on the other hand it is wild - the sea is cold, no matter if that's summer or not.
Other place I love is Venice. Next to San Marco there's a marina with gondolas... I'd love to spend a few days, evenings especially there... I;ve been there 3 times but ould love to go back.
Sounds nice.

For me, I think it has to be the Rocky Mountains...somewhere around Jasper and's just so majestic.
There was a little pub just outside of Dublin. I loved the time I spent there. I spoke with a local farmer and a leprecon for hours. I had a hard time understanding the leprecon (he was very short and had such an accent with the typical beard), but I will remember it until I die. I assume each have passed away (they were very old). Strange.
The west highlands of Scotland for its beauty and solitude. So calming for the soul. Its like all the weight of the World is lifted from my shoulders the moment the train gets 30 miles north of Glasgow, which is a GREAT city by the way.

Weymouth on the southcoast of England, spent almost all my childhood holidays at Weymouth with my parents and my late grandparents, many happy memories.

And last but not least..... Home, well it is where the heart is.
Anywhere near "big" water is okay for me. I grew up on the ocean and have lived on or near the ocean or a large lake most of my life. Boating, fishing, swimming, and a beachbum's lifestyle is practically in my DNA...
Right now it's my new apartment. I moved in on Saturday, and as of Sunday afternoon I got it completely unpacked and set up. My room is the perfect size, with great art on the walls, very neat, classy...I love it! The whole apartment is wonderful, I love it here. And friends are coming by like...well, all the time. lol
I know this is going to come as a shock to some people ;) ...I would have to say a place I love is on the's one of the places I can escape from stress or just to chilax for a while......
LilCujo said:
I know this is going to come as a shock to some people ;) ...I would have to say a place I love is on the's one of the places I can escape from stress or just to chilax for a while......

I know how you feel...I'd have to say Disneyland. I love to go by myself
and soak in the atmosphere, take pictures of things most people don't even see and people watch.
I grew up on Panama City Beach, FL. I have so many childhood memories there. I wish I could spend more time there, but only if it were still the way it was when I was a child. Now, it is over populated, a tourist trap, and built up with hotels, attractions - turned into a concrete city. So in my mind, it is my favorite place/memory. Another is Sanabel Island, FL. (Can you tell I am bias to Florida? LOL)
At this point in my life, it is the rocky mountains. I am totally with Big Mike. It is beautiful out there, the best part is, after like 2 hours of hiking, you can't here any civilization. I love it out there.
I also love to be deep in the mountains. I especially like when you say to yourself "wow; I am 4 hours from the car". A total of 6 hours from the hospital and or civilization.
Anywhere away from people!

I just love being on my own! I think it may be from years of working alone and having insomnia (not may people around late at night!)

Favourite place would be in the Derbyshire hills, alone with my telescope or camera staring into space, literally! :thumbup:

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