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May 12, 2005
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Florida U S A
Nice to have the time to post. Here's a few of my favorite spot. Went here to mourn for our 16 year old cat I had to put down last week.




Thx for lookin 8)
cracking shots m@ko, love the b+W and the colours are great in the other two, nice shootin :thumbup:
HOLY TOLEDO!! I'm REALLY loving those first two shots! Love the light rays in the first one. What a peaceful spot!

Sorry to hear of the death of the cat - that's a long time for it to have been part of the family.
#2 is my favorite! #3 is right there with it.

i always was a pushover for things that are glittery and red.....

really nice shots!
All three of these are very nice shots - The first one stands out the most for me.
cool shots, mako, love all three... :thumbup:
Thank you woodsac, monicam.

Thx Raymond. That bw was shot in camera, here's a color a few minutes after without the tilt.

awww so sorry about your cat..I know how you and your wife are feeling.. :( :( :( But I like your photo's..glad you straightened out the horizon..it's the best and with color.
really very sorry to hear bout your loss m@ko :hugs:

looks like a very beautiful and serene place :)
love#1... sweet bw... the last one posted is awesome as well :D
thanks for sharing these

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