The sad tulips...


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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So I was told this might qualify for the Dark Side Gallery (notice: this is the first time I post in here. Whoa!)

Dark tones, dying flower, almost lifeless tree, sorrow...
I'm gonna have to say YES :mrgreen:
Nicely done. Welcome the DS Corinna!
Excellent shot Lafoto. I love the POV! Welcome to the Dark Side! Now all you need is a "wicked" avatar! ;)
Welcome to the darkside Corinna. Sooo glad you came over...finally.:D I really really like this shot. It fits here perfect. Nicely done:thumbup: :thumbup:
yep, this one works great in here, the perfect home for it :mrgreen: now you can make anything look dark! great picture :thumbup:
nice use of selective colouring, good composition too, would like to see more of the statue, look interesting.
way to go lafoto.... so glad we could lure you in!! and for your first post here, you knock it out of the park!!!!

i love the one colored tulip!..and all the darker dead flowers and the angel is great...

keep them coming !!
nice selective coloring.. cant wait to see LaFoto's next avatar :D
Oh, I am glad you like this one.
As to a "Member-Of-The-Dark-Side-Avatar" ... there's nothing very haunting to be found right now, so I went back to the devil one which is a nice 25 years old and therefore shows me as a young woman (goodie!) ... worked on it a wee bit, and for the time being this is the closest I can get to "haunting" or "dark side avatars" ... I would only need to take ONE photo of myself in which I don't smile and voilà, there'd be the "haunting" pic, but then I hate-hate-hate those photos of me...
awesome shot corinna, fits here in the DS perfectly!

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