The Sigma 150-600 and the USB Dock for its firmware

Discussion in 'Canon Lenses' started by WesternGuy, Feb 20, 2015.

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    I am not sure where to post this as there is no "Sigma" section, but since it is a "Canon" lens, I thought I would put it in this forum. I finally got my new Sigma 150-600. It's only taken about 4 months. Along with my new 150-600, I also got the USB Dock which is supposed to allow me to update the firmware and tweak the lens settings. Apparently, the Dock also works with other newer Sigma lenses as well.

    I went to the SIGMA site and downloaded the Dock software to have the latest version. When I tried to run it, to update the Dock's firmware, I could not get very far into the software, it simply stopped at the initial screen which show the user how to attach everything. Supposedly, I am supposed to be able to get past this to a screen which allows me to "customize the lens. NOT! [​IMG]

    I am hoping that someone has had the opportunity to use this hardware/software combination and has had more success than I have. If so, maybe they can tell me what, if anything I am doing wrong, or not doing at all, that I should be doing. Any insight that anyone may care to provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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