The Story of the Flowers and the Bees (now with 8 bigger photos)


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Feb 1, 2004
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This is the story of the plum tree in our front garden.
On 24 April it developed the first flower buds, which gradually opened, one by one, three days later, to be in full bloom on 1 May, and that was when our front garden hummed and hummed, since both plum trees, the red and the green one, were full of bees and bumble bees on the flowers, flying to the blossoms and away to the next. Only a day later, there was "petal snow" all over the path and the blossoms turned old. Only two weeks later, the first small fruit are beginning to show.
Here's the photo story then:









Hope you like?
This is for my 11.000th post.
(A pity that even Picturetrail made this collage so small ... eventually I will have to show you the individual pictures in a larger size, I think).
Neat idea, and great execution. I like the pics, and they work well in the collage style
I feel it was not so wise to create the collage ... I had better show you the individual pics... :( This is no good as small as it is :cry:
Good idea but I think you are right in that the pics are too small to see really. I thought maybe they were clickable for larger versions. I have also just planted a plum tree along with a cherry tree....I also have apple and pear + an indoor orange tree. Alas my plum tree has no leaves yet so I have this to look forward to.
Now the larger version are up ... the long collage had not been the wisest of ideas after all ... but well, that is repaired now.
I saw the smaller pictures earlier and couldnt really see the details.. BUT now that I can,,, All I can say is WOW!! These are VERY NICE! The first one is just neat how you can see the web on this plant.. Thanks for sharing
#3 is interesting. Almost looks like a red butterfly on there. I like how the light seeps through to illuminate the delicate veins of the leaves. #5 says to me "so long and thanks for all the pollen!" Sorry, bad Douglas Adams reference.:blushing:
I took all of these with the Sigma 70-300mm in the macro function (which only works when that lens is pulled out to between 200 and 300mm), and I took the first 6 at a time when I still hadn't found out :)oops: ) how to change the aperture of my camera manually without being in the aperture priority mode ... in the preset modes, my 350D ALWAYS gives me too bright results. Always. I use curves on each and every one of my pics taken in any of the programme modes. So I wanted to learn to shoot fully manual, but it took me until about 5 days ago :)blushing: :oops: ) until I finally detected that tiny AV+/- button and understood what it was there for. Afterwards, I could also start controlling DOF in my macro pics. The first were all taken with widest aperture because I did not know any better :oops: !!!
good job!!

when the air is still, try a low iso, and mount your cam on a tripod, and shoot around f8 or 11., but if there is any wind, you need at least a shutter speed of 1/1000 sec, at that messes up everything!
Very good, and number 5 is in a class of its own! I just love the way the Bee is flying away almost as if its flying into the sunset

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