" The Sugar House "

May 13, 2007
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This was taken yesterday, in the early morn, as the sun was low.. I liked the way the lighting cast the shadows, and brought out the beauty in the wood in the shack.. The lighting also causes different shades in the snow, again due to shadow areas.. maybe this would work in a B+W Conversion better ?? not sure?
Well, say no more, your the judge and the jury..

I'm giving it 10/10.
My monitor makes everything look sweet, make sure that your prints look just as sweet. Wood is warm, snow is brilliant, make sure you don't let the final output let you down. You might have another layer of work of getting the output to represent the input if you know what I mean, iccProfiles and all that.

Thanks for the hard work!

Beatiful! I love the bare tree backdrop and how it keeps the eye locked onto the building.

I cant find anything troubling
Thanks incredible! Now THAT is the picture of winter, unlike here in Houston where it's 82 degrees today! I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but I'm not counting on it!
Thank you everyone , I appreciate the comments, even the ones' that remind me that its warm somewhere else lol... Oh, I could use some of that Warmth !!

Thanks Again Everyone!

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